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‘I want salmon back in Idaho.’ Simpson seeks bold action after $16 billion spent on recovery

[] Last year, Idaho U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson and some of his staff went to Marsh Creek, the headwaters of the Middle Fork Salmon River, to watch a returning salmon create its redd, or nest, lay its eggs and die.

“She swam 900 miles to get back to Marsh Creek. All to lay her eggs for the next generation of salmon,” Simpson said Tuesday in his keynote speech during the Andrus Center environmental conference on salmon, energy, agriculture and community at Boise State University.

“It was the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one,” Simpson said. “These are the most incredible creatures, I think, that God has created. It is a cycle God created.”

But, Simpson lamented, they saw only one salmon.

“You have got to ask yourself,” he said, “after spending $16 billion on salmon recovery over the last how many years, is it working?”

It isn’t, Simpson said.

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